3cycle Studio
26579 Redlands Mesa Rd.
Hotchkiss, Colorado 81419

While we generally believe that good design will save the world, we base our approach on the understanding that
the human environment is a complex, dynamic system, and not a static puzzle made out of individual pieces.

We believe in an integrated design model, where the Territory (Landscape), the Dwelling (Architecture) and the Tools
(Fabrication) are tightly linked together into a large and complex context, the scenography of human life.

The three “wheels” in 3Cycle Studio – landscape, architecture and fabrication, are the three main categories that
create a background of human life. Our scale of work ranges from everyday objects such as furniture in the micro, to
urban planning in the macro, but by no means are these categories restrictive. The permeable boundaries and the
many nuances of the three groups are what makes our environment rich, diverse and cohesive.