Become a Member of the North Fork Valley Creative Coalition

OUR VALUES: We are a creative valley – a community nurturing a thriving economy with diverse businesses, vibrant towns, and people supporting their families by their passionate and creative labors.

OUR VISION: We are a group of genuine, engaged, talented, resourceful, and inspired people who value our sense of place and each other.

Membership Levels

All of our members enjoy the benefits listed below. Members above the basic Maker Level receive additional benefits. Thank you for becoming a member!

  • Webpage + Listing in Online Creative Directory
  • Online Maker map
  • Professional Development Workshops
  • Opportunity to participate in Art+Ag Tour
  • Newsletter + Social Media
  • Vote at Annual Membership Meeting
  • NFVCC sticker or window decal


$ 50

Per Year
  • Individual Member
  • All Maker Level benefits listed above


$ 75

Per Year
  • Family or Nonprofit
  • Maker level benefits listed above for you and yours


$ 125

Per Year
  • Business Member
  • Basic Maker Level Benefits plus:
  • Networking + Mixer opportunities
  • Newsletter + Social Media Marketing opportunities


$ 250

Per Year
  • Money Maker Level Benefits plus:
  • Paonia Creative District Map (online + print)
  • 1 Ticket to Annual Art+Ag Tour


$ 500

Per Year
  • Idea Maker Level Benefits listed above plus:
  • 2 Tickets to Annual Art & Ag Tour


$ 1000

Per Year
  • Idea Maker Level benefits plus:
  • 1 Ticket to Annual Celebrate the Fork Dinner
  • Your name and logo on website


$ 2500

Per Year
  • Dream Maker Level Benefits plus:
  • 2 Tickets to Annual Celebrate the Fork Dinner
  • Your Name/Logo on all Marketing Materials


$ 5000

Per Year
  • Star Gazer Level Benefits plus:
  • 4 Tickets to Annual Celebrate the Fork Dinner

A Letter to Our Members

Dear Friend of the Creative Coalition,

As the year comes to an end, we are proud to report that the Creative Coalition has had a successful year as a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization serving the North Fork Valley. It’s no secret that the North Fork Valley has seen a shift in its economic base with the closing of two coal mines. As an economic development strategy, the Creative Coalition actively encourages the diversification and development of our economy through the creative industries. Communities with diversified economies are more resilient to changing economic and sociopolitical trends.

The Creative Coalition supports many types of creatives, including, but not limited to: visual artists, designers, performing artists, culinary artists and value-added food makers, arts activists, young artists, and healing arts practitioners. Our programs are designed to support and enhance the creative labors of our community. We support our members by managing our state Certified Creative District, offering professional development services, promoting our members and Creative District through strategic marketing campaigns, and advocating for the creative industries as an economic driver at the local, County, and State levels. As you think about your year-end giving, we ask that you give to the North Fork Valley Creative Coalition. Your donation is tax-deductible and helps to sustain our organization and the work we do. We have several projects planned for 2018 that need your support. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by March 2018 to support our operating expenses and match several grants that will help fund our projects.

For a young organization in it’s fifth year of operation, the Creative Coalition is experiencing upward momentum – successful projects, increased membership levels and community engagement. We are providing services and serving needs that no other local organization provides. We actively seek partnership and collaboration with our nonprofit partners. We know that there are many local organizations you are engaged with and support. Won’t you consider adding the Creative Coalition to your list of community nonprofits you financially support? We thank you in advance for your year-end gift to the Creative Coalition.

Susie Kaldis Lowe
Board President
North Fork Valley Creative Coalition
Phone: 970-275-3453


  • Administered a $25,000 Colorado Tourism Office marketing grant with ten local partners
  • Administered a $5,000 Orton Family Foundation grant for NFV Asset Mapping
  • Hired a new part-time paid Program Manager, Kate Rawlinson
  • Partnered with Town of Paonia on a successful application for Space to Create in Paonia
  • Partnered with DCMH to purchase $20,000 in local art for the new West Elks Clinic in Hotchkiss
  • Partnered with Elsewhere Studios on a successful Arts in Society grant application
  • Attended the 2017 Colorado Creative Industries Summit in Breckenridge
  • Launched our monthly “Art Talks” Professional Development Series
  • Hosted Kids’ Art Activities at Pickin’ in the Park – 5th year going strong!
  • Participated in the Cherry Days parade with a Creative District float » Raised $1,300 at a Kids Pasta Project dinner
  • Conducted a successful Membership Campaign – currently 100+ members
  • Hosted our new annual event: North Fork Valley Art+Ag Tour in October
  • Marketed Final Friday Frolics Artwalks in Downtown Paonia
  • Presented creative industries data and our mission to the Delta County Commissioners and County Planning Commission
  • Applied for a $25,000 marketing grant with Carbondale for the new Colorado Creative Corridor
  • Applied for the Creative Counties Placemaking Challenge workshop (in partnership with Delta County) to be held in March 2018
  • Hosted our Annual Membership Meeting in November with over 50 people attending
  • Current Board of Directors: Susie Kaldis Lowe, Patti Kaech, Mary George, Carol Newman, Dave Mitchell, and Nadine O’Brien

2018 GOALS

  • Apply for Colorado Creative Industries’ $10,000 matching grant in March
  • Apply for Musser Fund $10,000 Rural Arts grant in February-March
  • Apply for National Endowment for the Arts Our Town grant in September
  • Hire a full-time employee (we currently have one part-time paid employee)
  • Undergo a rebranding process for Paonia Creative District – including logo design, a print District map, advertising campaign, and signage on Highway 133 and Grand Avenue
  • Develop Space To Create Paonia: Feasibility Study, Arts Market Survey and Pre-Development
  • Hire facilitators for Professional Development Workshops and Mentoring our members
  • Provide art supplies for Kids’ Art Activities at Pickin’ in the Park
  • Develop a stronger alliance with local Arts Nonprofits
  • Advertise Final Friday Frolics Artwalks
  • Develop and Advertise the North Fork Valley Art+Ag Tour
  • Support Inspired: Art @ Work Symposium with Elsewhere Studios for Arts in Society Grant
  • Partner with the Rotary Club and Town of Paonia to refurbish Poulos Park
  • Participate in the new Colorado Creative Corridor Marketing Campaign with Carbondale, Crested Butte, Paonia, Ridgway, and Salida