Theoni Designs
JewelryVisual Arts and Design Media
November 8, 2017

Theoni Designs

Theoni Designs 38766 Stucker Mesa Road Hotchkiss, CO 81419 970-275-3453 How does jewelry make you feel? My clients love to work with me because THEONI jewelry makes them feel more authentic. To me, authenticity is everything - it's having the freedom to express your inner world through your outer style.…
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GlassVisual Arts and Design Media
October 30, 2017

Maeve Eichelberger

Maeve Eichelberger specializes in a new form of three-dimensional collage. Using Plexiglass as a material for its modern, durable, and transparent qualities, allows her to explore layers more deeply. “I create multiple layers of experience that demonstrate the significance of observing life both sequentially and simultaneously.” There are so many…
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PhotographyVisual Arts and Design Media
October 6, 2017

Rita Hines Clagett

Photography: Intimate portraits of wild bees and honeybees available as prints, posters, mugs, etc. at Custom portraits of people, pets, places. Writing since she could hold a pencil. Custom photo, video and writing, plus text, audio, and video editing. Lives, gardens and blogs off-the-grid near Crawford. Rita Hines Clagett…
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Business AlliesVisual Arts and Design Media
October 3, 2017

Brushmasters Get-a-Way

Brushmasters Get-a-Way Po Box 293, Paonia, CO. 81428 Paonia,CO. 81428 970-527-3777 We hope to restore confidence and awareness in today's youth by bringing some of the top names in the automotive custom paint and sign industry to learn hands on in creative workshops as well as encourage small business owners…
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Michael Galloway ceramics
CeramicsVisual Arts and Design Media
October 3, 2017

Michael Galloway

After spending a lifetime building and making practical objects, I finally have time to use my skills to create objects that have no particular use, other than purely for viewing. Clay has been a great medium for exploring shapes and colors that relate to my experiences in nature. From simple,…
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nfvcc image1
OtherPainting & IllustrationVisual Arts and Design Media
October 3, 2017

Shannon Richardson

Shannon Richardson is a full time painter whose focus is on narrative driven oil paintings. These whimsical works tell a tale based on personal experiences and memories, they weave together specifics while infusing the work with a sense of romance and reverie. The studio is open by appointment in the…
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Painting & IllustrationVisual Arts and Design Media
September 26, 2017

Monica Foguth

Visual artist with a B.A. in the history of art and visual culture currently working with mixed media . Landscape art and close up shots of nature are what draws the most inspiration. Looking toward the future a mixture of fantasy and local reality have drawn my special attention for…
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