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Doug Beall

By January 23, 2019 No Comments

Simple Shelter promotes Safe Affordable Compassionate Responsible Ecological and Deliberate (SACRED) Shelter. We help people plan and build their own dwellings with particular attention given to natural building materials and low carbon resources such as straw bale, wood, hempcrete, earth plaster, adobe and aircrete.

Creating shelter in this way promotes the health, comfort and safety of its occupants. And, very importantly, it also promotes the health, diversity and stability of the surrounding ecosystems and communities. It is important to understand that while building ecologically reduces the environmental impact of the construction and occupancy of each structure, it also diminishes the impact on the environment after each structure’s useful life. To be clear, it is absolutely crucial that we understand this and take steps to appropriately plan for the eventual reuse, re-purposing and recycling of all building components.

Simplified construction processes also translates into shelter that becomes attainable to a greater number of people. Simple skills, that are easily learned and passed along, greatly increases the effective reach of every shelter created. It is our belief that building in a manner that is transferable, reverent and complimentary with natural processes, will inevitably yield richer, more resilient communities.

Whether you are planning your own Simple Shelter, are wanting to create housing for seasonal workers, or just exploring the world of natural building, we can help you.

Doug Beall
Simple Shelter, Ltd.
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