H. Cedar Keshet Fine Art features en Plein Air and Studio paintings of our Western landscape and its residents. Visit Cedar’s website or arrange a studio visit to see realistic impressionist oil paintings that will delight and gratify you.

H. Cedar Keshet-Fowler
40423 Cedar Lane
Paonia, CO 81428


Why do you value the Creative Industries in the North Fork?

Arts make the North Fork Valley a vibrant diverse place. It can save us from the hole left by the closure of the extractive industries and place us in the economic future.


Artist’ Statement:

I paint as a way of distilling the feelings of completeness and joy I experience from the landscapes of the Western United States. When a viewer of my work feels a connection to place, then I have succeeded in my work. I believe that painting the beauty of the West documents and supports these lands. I hope this will move others to recognize these amazing places and advocate for them as well.