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Maeve Eichelberger

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Maeve Eichelberger specializes in a new form of three-dimensional collage. Using Plexiglass as a material for its modern, durable, and transparent qualities, allows her to explore layers more deeply. “I create multiple layers of experience that demonstrate the significance of observing life both sequentially and simultaneously.”

There are so many vitalities in the West. Maeve wants to honor the many forms and the history by creating a three-dimensional interpretation, infused with memories and scenes of the places she’s been.

Maeve is a Colorado native and has traveled and lived internationally in Italy, Ireland, and UK. She received her BFA in Painting and Printmaking from Regis University in Denver, and MFA in mixed media from Miami International University of Art and Design. She has exhibited nationally and has completed many commissions both nationally and internationally. Having taught with a Young Audience affiliate in Miami, Florida, Maeve has experience working with a variety of age groups and diverse cultural backgrounds. She aims to empower learners to express themselves in a playful way.

Maeve Eichelberger
40582 German Creek Dr
Paonia, CO, 81428

Why do you value the Creative Industries in the North Fork?

I value the creative industries in the valley because we are becoming a model for other towns, cities, and even states in our country.
The excitement and determination here is inspiring and contagious to many, and I want to be a part of the vibrations to help our valley grow even more. I believe children and young adults are the light of the world, and if we can spend more time with them in the search for themselves, we will create more than just a beautiful canvas.