After spending a lifetime building and making practical objects, I finally have time to use my skills to create objects that have no particular use, other than purely for viewing. Clay has been a great medium for exploring shapes and colors that relate to my experiences in nature. From simple, robust, earthy forms to complex and delicate pieces, clay can do so much. I have been amazed how far one can push clay towards it limits in maintaining texture and form during all phases of ceramic production. I am sure I will find clay has much more to offer, as I test new ideas and methods each time I make a new piece.

Michael Galloway

78542 Black Bear Trail
Crawford, Co., 81415
970 399-7592

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Why do you value the Creative Industries in the North Fork?

It seems to me that the creative industries in this valley are a natural progression or evolution from purely agriculture and extractive industries. Creative industries provide for a more diverse population and economy, complimenting agriculture, rather than displacing it. Personally, I look forward to getting to know other artists in the valley and exploring new techniques.