Art & Ag 2020 is modified, and we’re on!

The North Fork Valley of the Gunnison River is a beautiful place to be. We share a place where creativity flourishes through artistic vision and  seeding the ground, a place that inspires us. With Art & Ag Tour on Labor Day weekend we celebrate two creative industries which have been part of this valley for 150 years.
This year, we continue in a new way. Instead of offering a tour, we’re bringing our creatives together in a wide open space and an online space. We invite you to participate in the two ways. First, a Street Market on September 5th, and then an on online ballyhoo from Labor Day to Halloween!
NFVCC is collaborating with Paonia Small Business Council to provide a Saturday Street Market on September 5th! Shop Safe, Shop Local, while Grand Avenue will be closed, street performers will roam free, booths will be distanced and face masks required, and business owners, artists, and farmers will show their creations.
The fun doesn’t stop there! We’re boosting Art & Ag participants out into the world. Not just for a weekend, but in a two month ballyhoo!  Follow our Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel, all @NFVCreativeCoalition. Purchase from your home. You can also participate by liking, viewing, commenting, and sharing – building up power and making creatives seen far and wide! Stay tuned, and on Labor Day, you’ll find videos and links to shop directly!