“Wild Home” Community Book Creative Illustration Project

Request:  A collaborative community arts project seeks original illustrations for a one-of-kind book that serves as an artistic representation of the North Fork Valley’s struggle to protect its community and public lands from the ravishing impacts of oil and gas development, inspiration and guide to others.  This book is a collaboration between Notch Theatre company – producers of the Wild Home play, North Fork Valley Creative Coalition, and Citizens for a Healthy Community. The book will feature “Wild Home” theatre scripts, advocacy tools, maps and information about the North Fork Valley, reflections on social justice-driven theatre, and multi-media illustrations from artists in the community.

Intent: Produce a book with many authors and many illustrators. The intent is for this book to be special– not one that simply sits on a bookshelf– but lives in someone’s home or office as its own work of art.  The text will consist of theatre scripts (Wild Home plays), community reflections, information about the biological wealth and value of the North Fork Valley, information about socially-engaged theatre, and more. The purpose of the illustrations is to bring these words, chapters, and play scripts to life through visual art, and capture the hopes, fears and dreams of the community represented in each Wild Home play.

Goals of the project:

  • Create a comprehensive, multidisciplinary creative arts expression project that connects the literary, visual, and performing arts around environmental justice and preservation of the North Fork Valley
  • Celebrate the past, present and future process and possibilities of Wild Home
  • Create a book that is both art and guide—a model for others both within and outside the North Fork Valley community
  • Collaborative engagement, artistry, and fundraising for a shared cause
  • Honor the role of artists in social and environmental change
  • Time capsule, yet forward looking and timeless

Book outline:

  • Introduction
  • History and importance of social/environmental inspired theatre
  • The Inspiration: Too Wild to Drill Report—North Fork Valley
  • Wild Home Concept—Process—Community Interviews
  • Wild Home Play Scripts
  • Impact: Call to Action, presentations outside community, partnerships, citizens/people that were inspired to get involved—new activists
  • Guerilla Theatre—plans for distribution/awareness/execution
  • Conclusion

Submission Requirements:

We are looking for visual artists of all kinds who are interested in illustrating and creating artwork to visually represent the importance of protecting the North Fork Valley from extractive industries. Open to all mediums, forms, and styles that can be printed on a page.

We are calling for artists who live in the North Fork Valley, so others may be inspired through your passion for your home, and so we may stimulate the local artist economy.

If interested, email natasha@chc4you.org for a copy of the “Wild Home” script PDF.
We ask that interested artists submit the following:

  • Sketch or a concept for one or more of the following

o   3-4 illustrations per Wild Home play

o   Given the content outlined in the table of contents, a different illustration or visual idea that inspires you

  • The artist should own the overall artistic expression and reflection of each play or chapter. The proposal should reflect the artist’s interpretation of the visual expression needed, which may result in more than the minimum illustrations requested per chapter.
  • Specs: The product will be 8.5 x 11 size, traditional book binding on thick heavy paper

Review Criteria:

  • Artistic merit
  • Interpretation of the plays
  • Range of artistic expression
  • Applicability to handmade paper printing materials

Honorarium: To honor each artist’s time, skills, and creativity, an honorarium of $150 is available per illustration.

Deadline: (extended) October 1, 2020

Submit proposal or questions to:

Natasha Léger
Citizens for a Healthy Community
PO Box 1283
Paonia, CO 81428

Or via email at: natasha@chc4you.org

Poulos Park Mural – Call for Applicants

The North Fork Valley Creative Coalition is seeking to hire an artist or artist collective to paint a themed mural on the back wall of  Poulos Park on Grand Avenue in downtown Paonia Creative District.

Goal of the project

The purpose of the mural is to help activate our downtown, inspiring creativity while adding color and vibrancy to this pocket park. The mural is one element of the renovation of Poulos Park – a collaborative effort between The Rotary Club, Town of Paonia, High Country News, and North Fork Valley Creative Coalition.


The theme for the Mural is “Celebrating Our Rural Identity – Honoring our Heritage and Envisioning Our Future” with an optional emphasis on Persistence, Land, Community, and/or Identity.

Project timeline

Work is to be completed by October 31, 2020. Applications must be received by the North Fork Valley Creative Coalition via this form by Friday Sept 25, 2020.

Commission $3500

Submission requirements:

Artist must have mural experience and provide at least one example (up to 3 recommended), and references.


Questions may be emailed to Heidi Hudek, nfvcreativecoalition@gmail.com


West Elk Clinic Gallery

NFVCC Member Juried Exhibition

Sept 23, 2020 through December 15, 2020

Entry Deadline: Tuesday September 8,2020

NFVCC works with West Elk Clinic to fill their lobby with beautiful art for patients and their companions to view while waiting. It’s time to freshen up the view!

The new show will open Sept 23, with the theme Golden: Autumn and Sunlight on the Horizon. We invite you to submit your art, and photography to the show.

Approximately forty (40) 2-D and 3-D artworks in various sizes will be required to fill the space.

Directions for Entry:

Each artist may submit up to three (3) pieces for this show.  Two images of each piece may be submitted: 1) a full image, and 2) a detail image, for a total of six (6) images. All digital files must be in JPEG or PNG format and must include the artist’s name and title of the submission (last name, title.jpg). Submitted photos will be used for marketing purposes and posted on NFVCC’s website and Facebook page. High quality images will best reflect your work. NFVCC recommends that JPEGs be 300 dpi and should be sized at 1000 – 2000 pixels in the longest direction.


  • A non-refundable fee of $10.00 per submission. This cost will cover the cost of administration and hanging supplies. You may pay through Paypal @paypal.me/nfvcreates. Checks can also be made payable to North Fork Valley Creative Coalition (NFVCC), and mailed to PO Box 143, Paonia, CO 81428.
  • Complete the entry form to include dimensions (H x W x D), media, price, artist’s statement for each piece, contact information, signature and date.


We want to display your work for sale, however, work need not be for sale. If it is for sale, we will display your contact information for interested buyers. We will not collect a commission.

Applicants must be North Fork Valley Creative Coalition members.

All artists should supply their own insurance, if desired.

Delivery and Pick up:

Artwork must be delivered to West Elks Clinic, by September 18th, 4pm.

Artwork must remain on display through the end of the show on December 15, 2020. Artwork must be picked up at West Elk Clinic 230 Hotchkiss Ave, Hotchkiss, on December 17th or 18th from Noon to 4pm.  Artists are required to sign an Agreement with Terms & Conditions. NFVCC reserves the right to reproduce the supplied images for all media and publicity purposes with credit to the artist.

Arrangements may be made outside this time period by contacting Heidi Hudek nfvcreativecoalition@gmail.com.


All entries must be original and created by the artist submitting the work. We will accept existing work.

All work must be framed under glass, clean, securely wired (no sawtooth hangers), and ready to hang for exhibit. No fiber artwork will be accepted due to Clinic fire prevention policy.

NFVCC reserves the right to reject work that differs from submitted images.


Application materials must be received by Sept 8, 2020.

Please be sure you have included all of the following:

Exhibition Calendar:

Tuesday, September  8 – Deadline for Entries

Tuesday, September 15 – Artists Notified of Acceptance Status by Email

Friday, September 18, 9 am -Noon – All artwork delivered to West Elks Clinic, Hotchkiss

Wednesday, September 23 – Opening Reception, 6 pm to 8pm

Tuesday, December 15 – Exhibition Closes

December 17 & 18 Noon to 4pm – Pick up artwork


NFVCC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to grow a strong, balanced economy through creative industries.  The NFVCC administers several programs and events in the North Fork Valley including: Paonia Creative District, a state-certified designation, the Colorado Creative Corridor Paonia, Space to Create Paonia, Final Friday Frolics art walks, the North Fork Valley Art & Ag Tour, Paonia Holiday Fair, and professional development workshops.