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Dakini Love

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Dakini Love

Unity Loves
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Unity Loves creates Sacred Shamanic Art & Jewelry designed for Festival Lovers, Gypsies, Dancers, Performers, Yogis, Hippies and Earth Children of all ages! My company, Dakini Love, and artistic expression arose from a deep immersion in the natural world, music, dance, and a utilization of both ancient and modern Shamanic Technologies to facilitate self-mastery in harmony with all of life.

Dakini Love designs include Drums, Rattles, Percussion instruments, Feather & Stone Jewelry, Headpieces, Hair Fascinators, Hair Barrettes, Dance Fans, Smudge Fans, Smudging Supplies, Dreamcatchers, Window Hangers, Suncatchers, Wall & Home Decor Art, Zen Gardens, Malas, Wearable Accessories (i.e. belts & hat bands), Festival Wear (Beautiful, Unique and Earth-based Clothing & Costume items), Artisan Leather Clothing & Accessories (i.e. leather shawls, vests, corsets and belts), Artisan handmade Crocheted Clothing & Accessories, Prints & Tapestries of original paintings and other Earth-based Art …along with continual new designs and products created throughout the year. Wearable Art & Jewelry is for Men, Women & Children.

The Shamanic Art I create is exceptionally high-quality & handmade, using mostly natural, earth-based materials, such as feathers, wood, leather, crystals, stones, bone, clay, glass, metals, sand, resins, paint, natural stains, beeswax, and dried plants, along with some repurposed and some new ribbon, yarn, cloth (I favor natural & organic fibers), and cloth flowers. Some of the materials are hand-harvested from here in the Rockies and some are sourced from other areas of the world. In addition, I source a few beautiful and unique artisan-made clothing and accessory designs (that I love and helped design) from a makers co-op in Bali. I endeavor to source both my materials and artisan products as sustainably and ethically as possible and I develop relationships with my makers from overseas. Somewhere around 90% of the products I bring were designed and created locally in Hotchkiss, Colorado.

Please contact me for custom work ~ If you’d like to collaborate on a design you’re dreaming of, I am open to exploring and co-creating your vision with you! I create much custom work and am inspired by co-creating with others. I very much enjoy the process of bringing others’ visions into the physical! There is a sampling of past creations on my Etsy site at for you to reference in preliminary design.


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