Elisabeth Bucy Bucy

240 Poplar Ave.
Paonia, Colorado 81428


Professionally, I offer classes in Kundalini Yoga and Lymphatic Self-Care, as well as working with clients one-on-one (lymphatic work is particularly good for pain and swelling). I enjoy working on an educational lymph book I’m writing, as well as creating “lymph kits” with booklets and tools to help certain groups of people (new parents, teenagers, animal owners) learn lymph self-care techniques for themselves, their families, and their 4-leggeds.

For fun, I like to play cello, flute, write poetry & prose, create thought-provoking collage, and sometimes dabble in acrylics. I love to immerse myself in personal healing imagery when I paint, full of grounded, humor-loving animals from my shamanic journeys. They really do make everything better.