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Heidi Hudek

Thanks for coming to learn more about me, Heidi Hudek, also known by my stage name, Nyssa Yassa. I am a singer and percussionist; dancer; photographer; watercolor and acrylic painter; pastel and sketch artist; jewelry maker; and an actress.
I have studied music my whole life. I’ve been performing since 9 years old, Vocal Performance Major in college, and continuing study in music from all over the world. I found a passion for percussion in college, and studied African, Arabic, and Latin styles. I shared my passion for music by working in music shops for 10 years, managing stores for 7 of that.
The world music studies expanded my zeal for dancing. I am a professional Belly Dancer, and have studied Salsa, Samba, Tango, and Balkan Dance.
I also found a love of photography in college, where I worked in the Photography Department and began capturing the beautiful Colorado landscape. I have continued the endeavor for 30 years, and begun to share my photos for sale in the past two years.
I am also a mother, entrepreneur, event planner, as well as connoisseur and advocate of locally grown foods. I am dedicated to creative ideas – building up some of my own, and activating economic development.
I believe the North Fork Valley is an inspirational place, worthy of celebration! In addition to showing that through photography, and facilitating events, I participate in providing arts education for kids, fostering creative industry growth, and building community and collaboration.