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Emily Sinclair

234 Grand Ave, Paonia, Colorado, 81428

Paonia Books offers a wide range of books to surprise and delight readers and writers in Colorado’s beautiful North Fork Valley. Our shelves include fiction, nonfiction, regional history, contemporary issues, natural sciences, biography, poetry, craft of writing, creativity studies, art books, spirituality and psychology, gardening and cookbooks, and food and wine.

In addition to popular and well-publicized books, we carry books from small presses, international books, works in translation, and anything we like that’s just a little quirky and different. We stock quality notebooks and inexpensive art supplies for writers, sketch artists, and naturalists. We host visiting authors for readings and events and teach writing classes in our back room. Please check our Readings and Events page to see who’s coming and Classes to see what’s offered. We are also a tasting room for Clear Fork Cider, served at our literary events and in our garden on Saturday afternoons from May through October. Come browse with us!