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Paonia Signage Concept

In 2018, the North Fork Valley Creative Coalition (NFVCC) was awarded a $10,000 grant from Colorado Creative Industries’ Creative District Technical Assistance program to develop a Signage and Wayfinding Plan for Paonia Creative District and Town of Paonia.

NFVCC hired C+B Design, LLC of Henderson, CO to facilitate the planning process. The Signage and Wayfinding Master Plan includes a comprehensive inventory of existing signs in and around Paonia. Through a series of community-driven focus groups, NFVCC developed designs and a plan for new signage, including: highway signs, gateway signs into town, Creative District signs, wayfinding signs, banners on light-poles, a visitors’ kiosk, bike racks, benches, and flower planters.

Delta County Board of County Commissioners pledged $2,500 to this project for the purpose of economic development. Proper signage can be transformative for communities, visitor experience, and economic development. According to Kristin Cypher of C+B Design, “Signage and wayfinding does more than just help people navigate – it can also tell a evocative and compelling story about place and people, and contribute significantly to how an area is perceived, used, and accessed.”

Since the plan was created, several signs have been commissioned for Paonia, CO.

In 2018, NFVCC was gifted a Welcome To Paonia sign by Brushmasters Getaway, (hosted at Wisehart Springs Inn). The sign is installed at Redwood Arms Inn along hwy 133 (west of Paonia).

In 2019, NFVCC commissioned another Welcome To Paonia sign fabricated by Kate Morrison and installed on the Quotri Wines vineyard along hwy 133 (east of Paonia)

In 2020, NFVCC and Town of Paonia commissioned a placemaking sign for Poulos Park. Fabricated by Ira Houseweart.

In 2023, NFVCC and Town of Paonia commissioned a directional sign on the corner of Grand Ave & 3rd Street. Fabricated by Ira Houseweart, Josh Milner, and North Rim Glass Studios.