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Shamanic Arts Center

By May 24, 2022June 3rd, 2022No Comments

Shamanic Arts Center

The Shamanic Arts Center in the western Colorado mountains is a small cultural preservation non-profit that supports the preservation of shamanic practices.

Direct experience and exchange are facilitated by the Center in Hotchkiss, Colorado through its projects including:

* Traveling Shamans Camps
* Sacred Witness field trips
* Alchemical Artworks Project
* Encounters of the Shamanic Kind.
* Experience Exchange

The Shamanic Arts Center provides connection between host communities & shamanic artists, healers, wisdom teachers, & patrons through its shamanic network directories, our events, and through our media channel at www.TalkStory.Media

We are seeking patrons, sponsors, & and volunteers who believe as we do – that shamanic arts foster spiritual health and connection to our beloved Grandmother Earth and all the beings who live here.
261 W Bridge Street
Hotchkiss, Colorado 81419