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Sage Alley, Paonia, Colorado, 81428

Singing Bone Medicine Show, as the name would suggest, both digs for and shares with others the living, yet often obscured “song bones” that are the dreams of the Earth given form in the myths fables legends and stories of the worlds variegated patchwork of human cultures. Our medium for this work is equally as old and arcane as the stories themselves – puppetry, the theater of haunted rags with trickster speaks from behind the mask

We offer ourselves in the song bones we carry to you. Dark or light, glimmering or umbral, we weave our varied performances of puppetry and storytelling to cater to both the old and the young. Festivals, schools, libraries, and celebrations could find us a welcome guest, (our shows at the crossroads, however, might be better off missed.) Give us space for our stage and a slice or two of time and you’ll presently find your bones singing too.