image of the learning council

The Learning Council is a non-profit organization striving to provide educational opportunities to people of all ages and abilities with a focus on community-building and cultivating classical arts, agriculture and practical arts. TLC is committed to Human Services and aspires to provide nourishment to the community through food, education, music, local arts and agriculture, meaningful work, and stewarding the environment. TLC is offering classes for all ages as a Gift to our community. These dynamic classes enroll students of a wide variety of ages who share a common interest.

Village Building Convergence imageThe Gift model allows all who are interested to participate without financial restrictions and also the opportunity for community members to share their gifts. The Learning Council is invested in building on the values established by the Heart and Soul Project, our rural and natural environment, the small town sense of community, a steady economy, maintaining traditions and heritage, and freedom, independence and personal responsibility. TLC is also a vibrant member of our valley’s Creative District, contributing to the arts and culture of our community.

PO Box 1744
Paonia, CO 81428